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Quebec Retailers

Atlas- Medic Inc.


2327 Boulevard du Versant Nord #105
Quebec City, QC G1N 4C2
Parc Industriel Jean-Talon‎
(418) 686-4497‎

Bassem Zahabi

5253 Decarie, Suite 404
Montréal, Québec H3W 3C3

Phone: (514) 996-8595

CRDP Chaudiere - Appalaches

9500, bl Center Hospitalier
Charny QC, G6X 0A1
Tel (418) 380-2064 or (418) 380-2096
Fax (418) 380-2096

Julie Robichau & Victo - Rubin

15 Rue Rubin
Victoriaville Que. G6P 9V7
tel (819) 795-4626
Fax (819) 795-4872

The Chair You Wear

Leslie Spicer

Tel: 902 538 7397

Fax: 902 538 5557

Web Site:

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Customer Reviews

I have been using my Nada Chair since 1987, when I stumbled across it at the Alameda County fair. At that time, I had been suffering from a pinched sciatic nerve which made it excruciatingly painful to sit, lie down, stand, or walk. It was like a white hot poker sticking in my lower back/hip area. But from the moment the Nada Chair was adjusted for me at the fair I knew I had found the answer to my prayers, which doctors and chiropractors had failed to help. I bought it immediately. I found … read more

Deborah Ames