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   The S'port Backer..
Ergonomic back Support:

Recommended:  Waist Size, 50 to 75 cm,  20" to 30"

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S'port Backer

Chronic back pain sufferers who cannot find ergonomic chairs that fit but still must sit all day in office chairs are guaranteed welcomed back pain relief with this ergonomic back Support.

Those who suffer back pain from slouching on canoe and fishing boat seats, camping chairs, stadium seats or in tree stands hunting are guaranteed instant back pain relief from these products .  When out on the water always wear a personal floatation device (PFD). Your PFD should fit over this product.
Use as a meditation tool for improving posture while sitting cross-legged for yoga. 
Use for long flights; the handles break away allowing you to easily fasten the product on to your luggage. 
The ergonomic back support can also be helpful for women suffering low back pain from pregnancy. Are guaranteed back pain relief !

How is the product different from other sitting supports?
The product is an “ergo-dynamic” support . Where other sitting supports provide their benefit in passive way, the  product is unique in the manner it provides dynamic and active support. This “ergo-dynamic” is based on your own body so it requires no external means such as a chair-back to keep you supported. Other back supports have to be sat on or against properly to get the support effect. In all cases, you immediately lose the feeling of support when you shift your weight forward or change your sitting position. The Nada Chair product , by contrast, others infinite adjustability that is based on your own body. This means that no matter what position you sit in, no matter what surface you sit on. No matter how long you sit, the  product will give you constant and variable back support exactly as you need it. We call this the “ergo-dynamic” benefit 

Is the product covered by medical insurance?
Many insurance plans, will covers the cost as long as it is prescribed by your physician to remedy a back ailment.
You can tell your doctor to apply for 
coverage as an orthopedic back supports,  Spinal orthosis, 
or wellness products. 
This will depend on your insurance plan!

The S'port Backer
Product is an orthopaedic back support which is designed to train the body to help support itself. The products will not only relieve your back pain but will actually promote proper posture and muscle tone which will enable the patient to in many instances, become pain-free. When worn properly, the products will help to build a healthy, comfortable and upright sitting posture which aids in rectifying and restoring back’s natural curves.Protects lumbar discs from injuries associated with poor posture. Prevents progressive spinal deformation. The products are recommended by doctors, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Wellness centres..

The product is not meant to be a fashion statement. In fact, it should be viewed in the same light as a hard hat and steel toed boots for a construction worker; necessary tools of the trade to limit the possibility of a worker becoming injured.

             Comfortable Back Support, Anywhere.

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The Back Up, S'port Backer, and Kiddy Up  share the same features - they all stuff and zip into itself to become a carry bag. The handles break away
and double as a waist belt.

Washing and Care Instructions:
The product is made of durable poly-cotton fabric with closed cell foam cushions. The closed cell foam floats, so it doesn’t work well to machine wash the product. For best results, hand wash whenever necessary and line dry. 
DO NOT put the product in dryer because the foam will be damaged by the heat. 

Important Note: 
Leaving the product in a sun-baked ca has been known to eventually harden and/or shrink the foam cushion.

One Year Limited Warranty: 
The product is guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year of normal use. If you experience any problem with the product during this time please contact us and we will replace or repar the product at our discretion. Of course, the warranty does not cover misuse or damage done by intentional or accidental means.

Retain a copy of your sales receipt. This receipt will be necessary to obtain warranty replacement or repair. In the case you were given this product as a gift or were not issued a receipt by the vendor, please fill out and return the warranty card . We will keep this as a record or your purchase.

Nada-Concepts, Inc, cannot assume any responsibility, special, indirect, or consequential damages, or contingent liability for use of this product in a manner not expressly intend by the manufacturer. 



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Customer Reviews

I was at the Health and Wellness Expo in New Minas, tried the device and was extremely surprised how well may back felt . I received a ballot just for trying and was lucky enough to win it. Now I can show all my friends "The Chair you wear". Won't leave home without especially this summer travelling.
Cynthia C