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Prevents Progressive Spinal Deformation Protects Lumbar Discs From Injuries Associated With Poor Posture Restores Back's Natural Curves Recommended
By Doctors
                    Orthopedic Lumbar Support:

            Recommended for truck drivers or operating heavy equipment.

LumbarJack Study:
With the 1993 introduction of the LumbarJack support for driving, it was imperative to prove the product would not inhibit the user in movements required to drive safely. Braking Reaction-Time Wearing the LumbarJack Back Support System demonstrated "there was no general reaction-time effect of wearing the LumbarJack". Actual measured braking times were insignificantly faster for those wearing the the LumbarJack support.

Orthopedic Lumbar Support for Truck Drivers or  Operating Heavy Equipment, LumbarJack product, is an industrial Back Support Lift Belt that converts to Orthopedic Lumbar Support relieving back pain. Keeping you alert and focus!

Is the product covered by medical insurance? 
Many insurance plans, will covers the cost as long as it is prescribed by your physician to remedy a back ailment.
You can tell your doctor to apply for 
coverage as an orthopedic back supports,  Spinal orthosis, 
or wellness products. 
This will depend on your insurance plan!

The LumbarJack product is an orthopaedic back support which is designed to train the body to help support itself. The products will not only relieve your back pain but will actually promote proper posture and muscle tone which will enable the patient to in many instances, become pain-free. When worn properly, the products will help to build a healthy, comfortable and upright sitting posture which aids in rectifying and restoring back’s natural curves. Protects lumbar discs from injuries associated with poor posture. Prevents progressive spinal deformation. The products are recommended by doctors, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Wellness centres..

The LumbarJack Orthopedic Lumbar Support: makes all vehicles comfortable to drive!

This medicine free way to relieve back pain, allows the operator to stay alert and focus . 
Now you can sit comfortable for long periods.

Great for trucking companies, your employees are alert and focus.

The LumbarJack is an industrial back support lifting belt that converts to an orthopedic lumbar support for driving or operating heavy equipment or a comfortable chair back by snapping in separate accessory straps. Now you can improve your posture while relieving back pain due to sitting long periods .

You can purchase each item separately or as a Combo Pack - See the Purchase Products page

NOTE: The driving straps or sitting straps can only be used with the LumbarJack lifting belt.

 Lifting Belt
What makes the LumbarJack Lifting Belt unique is a set of quick-release receptacles attached to the ends of the elastic waist tensioners. These provide for easy attachment and release of accessory straps for driving and sitting.
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liftbelt adjust



Driving Straps 
use reverse pressure from the knees and feet to support the back. Elastic bands, detouring over the knee, free the legs for a full range of uninhibited motion - perfect for truck drivers and commuters.
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Sitting Straps 
convert the Lifting Belt into a comfortable chair that you wear. Now you are able to sit comfortably anywhere, in any position - even on the ground.

cross legged       knees up

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Customer Reviews

I purchased the Chair You Wear's back-up product for myself as I have degenerative disc and spend a great deal of time in front of a computer for work. After trying it on I was amazed by the instant pressure relief on my neck and shoulders. I even felt more refreshed.
Tanya Swinamer, Dartmouth NS