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 The Kiddy Up!
Ortho Pediatric Back Support

Navy with rainbow straps

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Accessory: Short Stretch Straps 
The Stretch Straps are recommended to help stretch hamstrings and other muscle groups without compromising the low back.  

Sitting positions:
In a chair, cross-legged, with knees up, or by using the Stretch Straps .

Paediatric physicians and physical therapists are among the first to recommend our KiddyUp to parents who want to correct their child's postural problems the Kiddy Up promotes a healthy back for life.

For parents of children with disabilities; therapists recommend using the Kiddy-Up to aid in stretching children's hamstrings. This is a job that usually requires two people, with the use of the Kiddy Up it can be done by one person and, therefore, is likely to get done more regularly.

Many insurance plans, will covers the cost as long as it is prescribed by your physician 
to remedy a back ailment.
You can tell your doctor to apply for 
coverage as an orthopedic back supports,  Spinal orthosis, 
or wellness products. 
This will depend on your insurance plan!

The Kiddy Up Ortho-Pediatric Back support  
School, studying, watching television, computer work, traveling and outdoor activities, like camping , stadium seats,  in a canoe or fishing boat. When out on the water always wear a personal floatation device (PFD).  Your PFD should fit over this product.

Washing and Care Instructions:
The product is made of durable poly-cotton fabric with closed cell foam cushions. The closed cell foam floats, so it doesn’t work well to machine wash the product. For best results, hand wash whenever necessary and line dry. 
DO NOT put the product in dryer because the foam will be damaged by the heat. 

Important Note: 
Leaving the product in a sun-baked ca has been known to eventually harden and/or shrink the foam cushion.

One Year Limited Warranty: 
The product is guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year of normal use. If you experience any problem with the product during this time please contact us and we will replace or repar the product at our discretion. Of course, the warranty does not cover misuse or damage done by intentional or accidental means.

Retain a copy of your sales receipt. This receipt will be necessary to obtain warranty replacement or repair. In the case you were given this product as a gift or were not issued a receipt by the vendor, please fill out and return the warranty card . We will keep this as a record or your purchase.

Nada-Concepts, Inc, cannot assume any responsibility, special, indirect, or consequential damages, or contingent liability for use of this product in a manner not expressly intend by the manufacturer. 

The Back Up, S'port Backer, and Kiddy Up 
Share the same features, they all stuff and zips into itself to become a carry bag. The handles break away and double as a waist belt.

                     KiddyUp Duo                  
  NOTE: The Kiddy Up does not come with knee cushions. Therefor CushShins can not be used as Accessory.

  NOTE: There has been a change in the name of this product from "the Slouch Buster" now to "the Kiddy Up".

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Customer Reviews

I received my Back-Up support from The Chair You Wear and I wear it while working at the computer all day. It has made significant improvement on my posture, and I can sit for longer periods without any neck or back pain. I love it!
Kevin Estey, Wolfville NS