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Products that help protect you from injuries.
 Protect your back,
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All Nada Chair Products Relieve Back Pain


 Waist Size 28" and up 
71 cm and up 

Cush Shins 
Knee Pads, Knee Clips

Weight 13oz. = 368.5g

Zipped Size 3”x 7”x 10"
7.62 x 17.78 x 25.4cm
Back Pad Size ½“x 7” x 20"
1.27 x 17.78 x 50.8cm
Foam Thickness ½ “, 1.27cm

Order Now $75.00


Choose Your Colour

Waist Size 20" to 30"
50 to 75 cm

Knee Pads, Knee Clips

Weight 10oz. = 283.0g

Zipped Size 2.5”x 5”x 8.5"
Back Pad Size ¼ "x 5.5”x 18"
Foam Thickness ¼ ", 0.635cm

Order Now $55.00


No Green 

Chose Your Colour

Waist Size up to 20"
up to 50 cm  


Knee Clips
Short Stretch Straps 

Weight 8oz. =  226.8g

Zipped Size 2”x 4”x 7"
5.08 x 10.16 x 17.78cm
Back Pad Size 1/8”x 4”x 16”
0.3175 x 10.16 x 40.64cm
Foam Thickness 1/8", 0.3175cm

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Navy only 


The Back Up, S'port Backer, and Kiddy Up  share the same features - they all stuff and zip into itself to become a carry bag. The handles break away and double as a waist belt.

We ship with Canada Post ! 
Small   Large

These fanny packs are designed with back support that promotes proper posture, relieving your back pain. A built-in seat pad makes it
great for sitting on the ground or stadium seats.


Weight 1.0 lb. , 453.6 g
Sitting Strap Storage
In Side pockets

Usable Pockets 3 
Knee Pads Foam 1/4", 0.635cm 
Capacity 90 cu. in., 580 cm2 
Seat Pad

Choose Your Colour

Order Now $55


Weight 1.5 lb. , 680.4 g
Sitting Strap Storage
In Waist Band 

Usable Pockets 5
Knee Pads Foam 1/2", 1.27 cm
Back Pads Foam 1/2" , 1.27 cm
Capacity 300 cu. in., 1935 cm2
Drink Holder, Seat Pad 

Choose Your Colour

Order Now $75

Cush Shins

Stretch Straps

Extension Straps

Order Now $15

Idustrial orthopedic back support lifting belt comes with driving straps and sitting straps

Choose Your Size

Order Now $100
Idustrial orthopedic back support 
lifting belt only

Choose Your Size

Order Now $70

Can only be ordered in conjunction
with the lifting belt,
be used with any other product 

Driving Straps 

Sitting Straps  

Order Now $15

                               Available Waist Sizes

            button Small                         button Medium                         button Large
            22 to 38 inches                               38 to 50 inches                            50 to 65 inches
        56 to 96 centemeters                   96 to 127 centemeters               127 to 165 centemeters

                                                         Accessories Included in Package


activest outdoors

The Original (bone-khaki) version has 10 pockets plus two that store the sitting straps when not in use. The pockets are low profile & ungusseted for sleeker lines. Available in sizes XS thru M.

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Order Now $175
activest matt 

The S'port (olive-khaki) style has 14 pockets not including the storage pockets for the sitting straps. These include gusseted pockets intended for the photographer or sportsman to load up with gear. It also has a vented back for cooler wear. Available in sizes S thru 3X

Choose Your Size

Order Now $175

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Many insurance plans, will covers the cost as long as it is prescribed by your physician
to remedy a back ailment. You can tell your doctor to apply for coverage
as an orthopedic back supports,  Spinal orthosis, or wellness products.
This will depend on your insurance plan!

Warning : As always, consult your physician before treating any back problem.


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Customer Reviews

I was at the Health and Wellness Expo in New Minas, tried the device and was extremely surprised how well may back felt . I received a ballot just for trying and was lucky enough to win it. Now I can show all my friends "The Chair you wear". Won't leave home without especially this summer travelling.
Cynthia C