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Prevents Progressive Spinal Deformation Protects Lumbar Discs From Injuries Associated With Poor Posture Restores Back's Natural Curves Recommended
By Doctors

Will the products relieve back pain?

Yes it does, by taking the pressure off the lumbar discs. When you slouch the spine is under pressure, over time this pressure may lead to lumbar discs injure, and serious back problems.

Do I need to ask my doctor?

Always consult your physician before treating any back problem.

Will the products cut off the circulation to my legs?

No, the circulation for the legs passes behind the knees. The straps are placed on the shinbone and are designed to absorb pressure without cutting off your circulation. However, it is important to remember that the circulation in the legs is greatly enhanced by movement. Because you will be able to sit for much longer periods more comfortably, we recommended that you take sensible breaks to stand, stretch, walk and breathe deeply at least once each hour.

How long is it recommended to wear the Product?

The product can be safely worn all day. While most people report immediate and complete relief from the pain of sitting slouched, you can realistically expect the benefits to continue as long as you wear the product. And when you stand up or walk after using the Nada-Chair, it is not uncommon to feel a "halo effect" of well being and good posture for sometime thereafter. As with any new product, you may need to experiment and make fitting adjustments to optimize the longest, most comfortable sitting period. Because you will be able to sit for much longer periods more comfortably, we recommended that you take sensible breaks to stand, stretch, walk and deeply at least once each hour.

Which one is best for me?

Three considerations can help you make a good decision:
1) your body size
2) the activity you plan 
3) the need for accessories
The system of support is identical in all the products so the primary difference is the varying extent which pressure is distributed on the back and shinbone.

The Back Up, S'port Backer, and Kiddy Up a share the same features - they all stuff and zip into itself to become a carry bag. The handles break away and double as a waist belt.

The Back-Up and S'port-Backer are both recommended for office or computer work; the S'port-Backer is preferred by smaller statured people and the Back-up for larger statured people.

The Kiddy-Up is recommended for children.

The LumbarJack is the only product we recommend using while driving. Elastic straps detour around the knees and engage the feet to allow complete flexibility and mobility of the legs for working the pedals. With accessory straps, the LumbarJack conveniently converts to a comfortable sitting support using only the shinbone.

The Acti-Vest is recommended for those outdoor activites, including hiking.  This product allows you to sport a vest with the straps neatly tucked inside while walking or doing other activities.

The S'port-A-Pack and the Sit-Pack are fanny packs with a built in seat pad and storage compartment.  Ideal for sport spectators.

How do I know when I have adjusted the product properly?

Like a good fitting pair of shoes, the Nada-Chair back support product should fit snugly but not too tightly. Much of the adjustment is self-corrective. If you feel uncomfortable over time, simply loosen the straps slightly. The goal is to keep the low back supported just enough to prevent the sagging that leads to back pain. It is recommended to vary the support by alternatively tightening and loosening the straps when you are sitting for longer periods.

How high should the back pad be on my back? 

The back pad should span the lumbar spine with the back pad approximately centered on the belt line. Experiment until you find the most comfortable position for you.

Will the LumbarJack interfere with my legs while driving? 

No. A study of users tested in critical movements such as braking and clutching proved that the LumbarJack does not slow the user. Copies of this study are available upon request.

Will use of the products weaken my back muscles over time? 

Experience shows just the opposite. Doctors internationally are using the back support product to teach their patients to sit straight. Once trained in new habits of good posture, users find it easier to sit properly without the supports. Primarily, the back support product acts as a guard against slouching and disc damage because it works like an extra muscle to keep the back supported. 

Will the products improve the health of my back? 

Absolutely! By keeping you from slouching, the products can actually prevent progressive spinal deformation and disc degeneration. It is critical to the long-term health of your back that the alignment of the vertebrae be maintained with the natural curves in the back.

Can I use the product in an airline, soft chair or couch? 

Yes, the Nada-Chair products will effectively improve your posture in any chair. The product provides the additional lumbar support that most seat backs lack. When using the product to augment an existing back support, it isn't necessary to tighten the straps as much as when you are depending on the product for full support.

Can I use the products while wearing a dress?

Simply tuck the dress or skirt down enough to allow the straps to engage the shins.

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Customer Reviews

Buckle Up for pain free work.

I bought the Chair you Wear about two years ago. my husband was intrigued and i was skeptical. till i sat down and buckled in. the Chair aligned my spine so that there was no pain.
Sometimes i sit down in front of the computer, thinking i'll just be a few minutes. then the shoulders start to pang, the back pain tingles, it doesn't take long.
as soon as i buckle in, the pain is gone. I can work for way too long - don't forget to get up and stretch! With all … read more

Pamela Gaines, Dartmouth NS