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Claudia Zinck
About 10-12 years ago at a seniors expo, we purchased your product. I have used one at work and have almost worn it out. My significant other tried one for a week and passed it to me to use when I need to work in house. I thought you may want to know that when I started yoga at age 65 the first thing they told me was that I have a straight back - something people my age usually don't have. I give the NADA chair full credit for that -
This is the best product I have ever had!
Radhika Johari
My back and I truly thank you for the Nada chair! I had used it many years ago, but not properly, and the updated model with the cush-shins is amazingly comfortable. Thank you very much!
James Craig Henderson
I would like to thank Leslie Spicer, for the "Nada Chair". My back feels better and I have only been using it for 20 minutes a day.
Arthur Coleman
am probably one of your longest consistent users of Nada chair. I began with the first version in 1987, which was sold to me by my then physical therapist. This means I have been using a Nada chair consistently for 18 years. I thought you might enjoy hearing about the kind of impact your product has had and the kind of loyalty it generates.

In 1982, I fractured my L5 lumbar vertebrae in an accident while moving. I was 22. Because I was young and my muscles strong, the severity of my injury did not become apparent until 1986, when I was diagnosed with a two-level spondylolisthesis with substantial disk degeneration at L1 – L5. The degeneration continues to this day and is a permanent part of my condition. I could have had a two level fusion, but the chances of success were not favorable. So through a disciplined exercise routine, I have managed my back to live relatively pain free. A core part of this routine has been to relieve the stress on my lower back when sitting by using a Nada chair.

My life has by no means been sedentary. I have traveled the world for numerous corporations and run global businesses, often logging 200,000 miles per year. I have had to sit in planes for 12-14 hours at a time. I have had to work in any environment that life presented me – and good chairs are a rarity when traveling. At this stage of my life, I drive 2x a week up and down the California coast for 3 hours at a time. Keeping up with my kids often means going to soccer games or other events where there are only benches with no backs. All of these are possible, basically with no pain, because I carry and wear a Nada chair wherever I go. I actually have three at all times – one for my house, one for my office, and one for my car/traveling. They are my safety-net. When I wear them, it’s as if I never broke my back. Without them, even with good exercise, I would have daily back pain and ultimately, if I didn’t find some way to get horizontal to recover from the insult to my nerves, crippling pain on a regular basis.

I still have the first Nada chair I ever bought. It sits in a drawer and I use it as backup whenever I lose one of my traveling Nada chairs (which I’m sad to say, does happen). This product has seen me through a marriage, a divorce, a new marriage, two children, the 1989 San Francisco earthquake and rebuilding a house, travels to probably 50 countries, 6 different homes, 5 different companies, every PC since the IBM AT, numerous weddings, funerals, confirmations, and Bar Mitzvahs. Wherever I have been, my Nada chair has been with me. It is as much a part of my life as… well… my lower back. I don’t even think about it anymore.

When I first started wearing it, I was worried what people would think – after all – I’m a serious businessman in negotiations with men around the world, many of whom have fairly strong views of manliness and wearing a back brace does not fit the image of a ‘tough negotiator.’ Funny thing – nobody cared! In fact, the Nada Chair often starts a conversation along the lines of “You know, I’ve got real back pain…..” which leads to a discussion of the principles behind the Nada chair (and I hope some sales for you). Even in Bahrain or Cairo, if you can believe that. Bad backs effect 80% of all people – so people everywhere really like to know about anything like this that really works.

I have watched the product evolve through the years with great pleasure – the work you continue to do to improve the product is admirable.

All I can say is don’t ever go out of business – because without a Nada Chair, the full life I have been able to lead would not be possible.

Sincerely yours

Arthur Coleman
Vice President SHOP.COM
Mrs. Kenneth K.
I wish everyone could have a Nada-Chair. My lower back condition has improved tremendously from the use of my Nada-Chair. Riding in the bucket seats of our car used to hurt my back bad but since I've been using the Nada-Chair I don't have that problem anymore.
Deborah Ames
I have been using my Nada Chair since 1987, when I stumbled across it at the Alameda County fair. At that time, I had been suffering from a pinched sciatic nerve which made it excruciatingly painful to sit, lie down, stand, or walk. It was like a white hot poker sticking in my lower back/hip area. But from the moment the Nada Chair was adjusted for me at the fair I knew I had found the answer to my prayers, which doctors and chiropractors had failed to help. I bought it immediately. I found that by using it religiously for several days in a row I started to get hours of relief even when I was not using it. Eventually I found I could use it less and less and still got extended relief. I now use it when my nearly 30 years older back starts to act up again, but for much less time and it still does the job. Can I say I am an extremely happy camper?

People think I am a "shill" for my praises of the Nada Chair until they try it themselves. It has travelled with me through multiple jobs and whenever a co-worker complains about a back problem I put them in it so they can feel what it does. It is amazing to see faces light up! It is hard to make people understand what it can do just by telling them, and so it has been sent to multiple places across the U.S. Currently it is in temporary residence in WY while we negotiate which model to get. Back in my day there was (and is) only one... It is, still flawless in my mind... Now if I could only still l get the same feeling when in a standing or lying position and when walking!

If your back bothers you, DO NOT HESITATE!!! Order one today! You will NOT be sorry! I am loyal to very few things, and recommend even fewer things in my life, but this is one. It helps me through hours at a desk in front of a computer, and also eases the twinges and aches of a long hard day of yard and house work. What a blessing this has been!

Thank you so much for creating the Nada Chair!

Very Sincerely,

Deborah Ames
Cynthia C
I was at the Health and Wellness Expo in New Minas, tried the device and was extremely surprised how well may back felt . I received a ballot just for trying and was lucky enough to win it. Now I can show all my friends "The Chair you wear". Won't leave home without especially this summer travelling.
Kevin Estey, Wolfville NS
I received my Back-Up support from The Chair You Wear and I wear it while working at the computer all day. It has made significant improvement on my posture, and I can sit for longer periods without any neck or back pain. I love it!
Max Brennan, Nova Scotia
I think the Chair You Wear is a great device for anyone especially those facing back pain. The chair is easy to fit and takes the pressure off the lower back and puts your spine in alingment. The Chair You Wear is great for those seated for long periods of time. I recommend it for just about anyone.
Tanya Swinamer, Dartmouth NS
I purchased the Chair You Wear's back-up product for myself as I have degenerative disc and spend a great deal of time in front of a computer for work. After trying it on I was amazed by the instant pressure relief on my neck and shoulders. I even felt more refreshed.
Beverlry McCabe, Truro NS
I have experienced pain in my back, hip, leg and into my foot from sciatic nerve problems. I attended a 50+ Expo this summer and had the opportunity to try The Chair You Wear while there, it made my back feel so supported I did not want to take it off. Before leaving the show I purchased my own Nada Chair. I used it for a couple times a week daily for about 20 to 30 minutes. I have been pain free; I still use it occasionally to enforce my posture. I find my posture while sitting and standing much improved. I also recommended the Nada Chair to someone else this summer who was very crippled with sciatic problems, she also had very positive results. I told my Dr so he could pass this info onto other patiens, he had tried the Chair You Wear at a medical convention in California, so was familiar with what I was talking about. I would highly recommend this to anyone with back problems. It is also very easy to use, takes up very little room and is compact for travel.
Pamela Gaines, Dartmouth NS
Buckle Up for pain free work.

I bought the Chair you Wear about two years ago. my husband was intrigued and i was skeptical. till i sat down and buckled in. the Chair aligned my spine so that there was no pain.
Sometimes i sit down in front of the computer, thinking i'll just be a few minutes. then the shoulders start to pang, the back pain tingles, it doesn't take long.
as soon as i buckle in, the pain is gone. I can work for way too long - don't forget to get up and stretch! With all the work I do at the computer, i really don't know how i could do it without the Chair i Wear.

Buy it, you'll be soooooo relieved.
Johnny O'brien, British Columbia Canada
I am a HighSchool Football Player, And being both offensive line and Defensive line. I am bending down and placing pressure on one hand a lot and I have horrible back pain So I got this product from a homeshow. Also this product has helped me already.