The Chair You Wear - The #1 Ergonomic Chair

British Columbia Retailers

Ammundsen Home Care & Wellness

Bernie Heinrich Tel: 604 597 6800
Unit 5, 13025 - 84 Ave
Surrey, BC V3W 1B3

Regency Medical Supplies

Candace Letham Tel: 604 434 1383 ext 229
4437 Canada way
Burnaby, BC V5G 1J3

Relaxus Products
Susan or Jay Tel: 1 800 663 2225
1590 Powell St
Vancouver, BC V5L 1H3

Ammundsen Home Care & Wellness

Bernie Heinrich
Unit 5, 13025 - 84 Ave.
Surrey BC V3W 1B3
tel (604) 597-6800
1 800 663 3366
Fax (604) 597-6889

The Chair You Wear

Leslie Spicer
Tel: 902 538 7397
Fax: 902 538 5557
Web Site:

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Customer Reviews

am probably one of your longest consistent users of Nada chair. I began with the first version in 1987, which was sold to me by my then physical therapist. This means I have been using a Nada chair consistently for 18 years. I thought you might enjoy hearing about the kind of impact your product has had and the kind of loyalty it generates.

In 1982, I fractured my L5 lumbar vertebrae in an accident while moving. I was 22. Because I was young and my muscles strong, the severity of my injury … read more

Arthur Coleman