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Prevents Progressive Spinal Deformation Protects Lumbar Discs From Injuries Associated With Poor Posture Restores Back's Natural Curves Recommended
By Doctors

Health benefits of proper posture:

Watch the animations on the left to better understand how the products will benefit you. The first shows your spine as a naturally curving, flexible stack of bones called vertebrae. Separating the vertebrae are soft-core, donut-shaped discs. When you sit for a time, muscles slack, causing you to slouch. Slouching unevenly compresses the lumbar discs as shown in the second animation. The vertebrae bite one side of the lumbar disc causing the soft core to bulge against the back wall. This causes back pain and over time, leads to herniation, ruptures or other disc malformations. Slouching is a serious back problem that spirals you into further back pain cycles. (Click here for a more comprehensive medical description of how the product breaks the back pain cycle.)

The products are an orthopedic back support which is designed to train the body to help support itself. Unlike other so called back supports, the product will not only relieve your back pain but will actually promote proper posture and muscle tone which will enable the patient to in many instances, become pain-free.  The product will relief  neck and shoulder pain associated with poor posture. When worn properly, the product will help to build a healthy, comfortable and upright sitting posture which aids in rectifying and restoring natural back curves.

Protects the lumbar discs from injuries associated with poor posture.

The product is easy to use and clips off & on with ease which is why office workers like it. There is no balancing act, for those who are uncomfortable rolling around on a ball, especially those in offices where they are meeting with clients or public during their day; nor the issue of the balls taking up extra room or trying to find the right size ball. In particular, it is welcomed for those sitting very long hours.

Proper posture can make you appear thinner, taller and younger. It also makes you look more confident, and believe it or not, research shows we actually feel that way, too. On the other hand, slouching makes you look and feel tired. 

Dr. Mladen Golubic, medical director for the Center for Lifestyle Medicine at Cleveland Clinic's Wellness Institute, says maintaining proper posture helps you stay alert and focused.

"When you slouch, you have reduced your capacity to inhale properly, to inhale through your diaphragmatic breathing rather than just expanding the chest," he pointed out. "So quickly that could lead to feeling tired and exhausted and feeling sleepy."

Poor posture stresses joints and muscles which can cause back pain, headaches and long-term injuries.

Proper posture naturally allows deeper breathing so you feel refreshed with a greater sense of well-being. Better health, in turn, means fewer doctor visits. You save time and money (not least on prescription pain-killers). People admire proper posture. (When did you last stop to admire a slouch?) Originally designed by meditators who found they can often sit longer more comfortably, those at computers also find they focus better when attention isn't sucked to nagging back pain. In short, the products are designed to let you sit comfortably for hours with effortless proper posture. 

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Customer Reviews

I would like to thank Leslie Spicer, for the "Nada Chair". My back feels better and I have only been using it for 20 minutes a day.
James Craig Henderson