The Chair You Wear - The #1 Ergonomic Chair

PROBLEM!  Chairs Don't Work

"All my life my legs have been banged up by chairs that I've designed"
- Frank Lloyd Wright

Slouching is a universal back problem that can lead to permanent and painful deformations of the spine. Not only do chairs NOT solve this problem, most often they make it worse! Why? Chairs are passive mechanisms that cannot provide adequate support at the low back where it is essential for healthy, comfortable and upright posture. So-called "ergonomic" chairs promise lumbar support, but they can't deliver; serving only as props for slouched spines. Why else do so many complain of low back pain and associated neck and shoulder stress caused by slouching?

The #1 ergonomic chair!
Relieves Back Pain!

SOLUTION! - The Chair You Wear

"The ideal chair that moves with the body just as a glove moves with the hand that wears it."
- Emilio Ambasz

The Nada-Chair products are the "chair  you wear".  These products let you sit comfortably for hours with effortless proper posture.  When you sit forward, the back support follows.  Since the  products follow your body with every move, you constantly enjoy firm, adjustable and dynamic support hugging your low back.  "The products act like an extra muscle that never tires", explains Arthur White, MD.  By using the shinbone to stabilize the pelvis, muscles are relieved of their isometric tasks.  The pelvis becomes a stable pedestal on which the spine can effortlessly rest with natural curves restored.
Relieves Back Pain!

            All Of the Nada Chair Products Relieves Back Pain

Back Mechanics

How does the product work? 

The products works by using reverse pressure from the shin bones to stabilize your pelvis. Consider the pelvis as the pedestal for the spine column. Just as any statue will fall if its pedestal is rocked off its base, the spine also slouches when the pelvis becomes unstable and rocks backward. This can best be illustrated by a simple experiment: sit forward in a chair away from the back support. How, alternatively slouch and sit up straight while observing the pelvis. You will notice that every time you slouch the pelvis rock backward and when you sit straight the pelvis returns to its natural upright position. Now when the muscles that hold the pelvis in the upright position become fatigued, they give up and the pelvis drop backward causing the whole spine to slum. The products work by securing the pelvis in its natural upright position thereby balancing the upper back on a stable foundation. If the low back is supported, the upper back automatically sits up straight. Meanwhile, tired back muscles are allow to relax comfortably.

Vertebrae and Discs : 

Vertebrae are the small bones that stack like building blocks to form your spinal column. They start at your low back and end at your neck. The discs are the gel-filled cushion membranes between your vertebrae Without discs, all your movements would grind bone on bone down your spine causing excruciating pain The spine is naturally curved in a gentle S shape. The curves of the spine and dices give spring to your movements and protect your nerves and spinal cord from injury when you walk, run or jump. With age, the discs lose their resiliency. Small cracks and tears (not unlike paper cuts on your finger) develop in the membrane enclosing the fluid. These tears and cracks will expand and open when the disc is compressed unevenly causing a painful sensation in your back.

Why does the products  feel so good?

The products can give an instant feeling of relief because it restores the natural position of the vertebrae and decompresses the discs. What happens to the discs when you slouch can be likened to what happens when you bite one side of a soft ice cream sandwich--The soft substance squeezes out the opposite side. The pain that you feel when slouching for long periods is due to the unnatural pressures that are squeezing one side of the disc. If this compression continues over a long enough time, discs can actually rupture.

How is the product different from other sitting supports?

The product is an “ergo-dynamic” support . Where other sitting supports provide their benefit in passive way, the  product is unique in the manner it provides dynamic and active support. This “ergo-dynamic” is based on your own body so it requires no external means such as a chair-back to keep you supported. Other back supports have to be sat on or against properly to get the support effect. In all cases, you immediately lose the feeling of support when you shift your weight forward or change your sitting position. The Nada Chair product , by contrast, others infinite adjustability that is based on your own body. This means that no matter what position you sit in, no matter what surface you sit on. No matter how long you sit, the  product will give you constant and variable back support exactly as you need it. We call this the “ergo-dynamic” benefit 


Slouching can impede the ability of the lungs to expand.

“Breathing is unquestionably the single most important thing you do in your life. And breathing right is the single
most important thing you can do to improve your life.” –Sheldon Saul Hendler, MD, PhD

                       “He who half breathes half lives.” – Ancient Proverb

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radiobuttonicon The Back Up, S'port Backer, and Kiddy Up share the same features - they all stuff and zip into itself to
become a carry bag. The handles break away and double as a waist belt.

radiobuttonicon Back Up or S'port Backer products are great for: 
Chronic back pain sufferers who cannot find ergonomic chairs that fit but still must sit all day in office chairs are
guaranteed welcomed back pain relief with the Back Up or S'port Backer product .  

radiobuttonicon Kiddy Up: Pediatric physicians and physical therapists are among the first to recommend our KiddyUp to
parents who want to correct their child's postural problems the Kiddy Up promotes a healthy back for life.

NOTE:  For parents of children with disabilities; therapists recommend using the Kiddy-Up to aid in stretching
children's hamstrings. This is a job that usually requires two people, with the use of the Kiddy Up it can be done
by one person and, therefore, is likely to get done more regularly.

radiobuttonicon The LumbarJack is an industrial back support lifting belt that converts to an orthopedic back support for driving
or operating heavy equipment or a comfortable chair back by snapping in separate accessory straps. Now you can
improve your posture while relieving back pain due to sitting long periods .

radiobuttonicon The Sport A Pack and Sit Pack are fanny pack designed with built-in seat pads and back support .
Great for sitting on the cold ground or dirty stadium seats, camping chairs, or in tree stands hunting.

radiobuttonicon The Acti Vest, Original and S'port are 100% cotton vest are available in two unisex styles.
Both integrate the back support into the back of the vest so it is always there when you need it.
The sitting straps store in hip pockets when not in use. 
Both vests have hoods zipped into the collars.

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Customer Reviews

I would like to thank Leslie Spicer, for the "Nada Chair". My back feels better and I have only been using it for 20 minutes a day.
James Craig Henderson